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A. We, along with leading carpet manufactures recommend professional carpet cleaning annually. Persons who suffer from pollen and dust allergies should have carpets cleaned more frequent.
A. After carpets have been cleaned, it is recommended that carpets are dry within 6 to 8 hours or less by industry standards. Carpets should not exceed 24 hour dry time.
A. Although there are many methods of carpet cleaning, research shows that truck mounted hot water extraction method is most commonly used, most effective, and recommended by the industry’s leading carpet manufactures as the safest cleaning method for carpet fibers.
A. Those dark edges are caused by filtration dust. Typically, filtration dust occurs when your hvac unit turns on in primarily the winter months. When the air turns on the hvac units cause a vacuum in the cavities of the walls. This vacuum also pulls dust and dirt particles into the cracks and crevices around the edges of your walls. The air being sucked through your carpet has carbon and graphite in it and over a period of time these particles will begin to change the color of your carpet fibers thus leaving your carpets with a dark gray to black shade.

  • To help prevent the build-up of filtration dust, regular vacuuming of your hard to reach edges is recommended.
  • Pet urine, if left untreated can present an unhealthy environment. It is highly recommended that clean up occurs as quickly as possible. Using an absorbent cloth, apply pressure to blot up as much of the urine as possible before penetrating into the backing of the carpet. Using vinegar and water may help neutralize the odor. A wet-vac or hand held Bissell extractor will help extract remaining urine. Remember, for better results, immediate clean up is essential.
A. Yes, with a few options. First option, depending on how far away from the wall is missing, we may be able to stretch the carpet enough to trim damaged section and tuck down to place. Second option, if you have an extra piece of carpet left over from when carpeting was installed, we can cut out the damaged section and patch the new piece in place. Third option, if you do not have an extra piece of carpet, we can cut a piece out of a corner of the closet and patch damaged area.
A. Yes, George Ayoub Carpet, the greenest carpet cleaning service in Virginia has recently extended its service area and now offers carpet cleaning and rug cleaning in McLean, VA, we are committed to serve McLean, VA customers with the highest quality carpet cleaning and rug cleaning.
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